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Prévost notaires, is a firm that specializes in commercial real estate and family law. This experienced and competent firm applies its advanced expertise day after day to simplify your decisions and transactions.

Simplifying business.

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Commercial real estate
Major residential real estate Expertise in examining titles and writing detailed reports Business financing
Buying and selling of enterprises
Corporate law
Inheritance law
Specialized civil law

A leader in civil and business law, Prévost notaires serves a clientele that includes major law firms, property owners, financial institutions, retail businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, public bodies and religious institutions.

With its simple and effective structure, Prévost notaires provides top-quality professional services that fit its clients’ needs.

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Combining business and wisdom

Bringing a large dose of vitality to the firm, together with strong administrative skills, Angelo Febbraio is highly involved in the client development of Prévost notaires. He has excellent abilities in business and communication and shows great poise and objectivity in managing his files.

He has solid experience in commercial real estate law and in managing major projects in residential real estate law. Among other areas, he specializes in business financing and plays an active role carrying out commercial real estate transactions of all kinds.


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514 392-9013


Chambre des notaires du Québec



With extensive experience as a legal expert and notary at various firms and practices, including Prévost notaires, Magali Paquette is recognized for her dedication, perseverance, integrity, discipline and attentiveness.

As a specialist in commercial real estate law, she examines complex property titles and writes detailed reports. She plays a role in drafting various loan, purchase and sale agreements as well as other contracts in areas related to real estate.

For many years, she lectured at Université de Montréal in real estate ownership transfers.


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514 392-9022


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Vincent Côté already has many years of experience in the notarial field. He is recognized for his thorough and meticulous nature.

With his passion for real estate law, he works primarily in examining real estate titles, writing reports on titles and arranging financing. He is also involved actively in other transactions handled by the firm.


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514 392-9012


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Prévost notaires team member Nathalie Moreno Falla has acquired extensive experience in her notarial career. She serves the firm’s clients with passion, purpose and singular devotion.

As a specialist in inheritance law and trusts, as well as corporate law, she accompanies clients through their life transitions. She is, among other things, called upon to take part in estate and inheritance planning, including complex estate settlements and the various steps involved in companies’ existence.

She is a speaker at numerous events organized by financial institutions.


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514 392-9023


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Salma Chikhi has worked for a few years in residential real estate law before joining the Prévost Notaires team in 2018 where she has since been practicing in the area of commercial real estate law. She works with a contagious energy and spares no effort to satisfy the needs of the firm's clients.

She contributes to the smooth running of the files in order to ensure their efficient completion under her responsibility. She is also a very important asset in the context of the sales of large co-ownership building units.

She is a member of the RÉA Foundation's Young Ambassadors Committee, participating to the financing of physical rehabilitation with the goal of improving the quality of life of people living with a disability.

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514 392-9032


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Since she began her career as a notary, Marie-Josée Fiset has acquired an extensive professional experience having worked in various law firms. Over the years, she has practised in diverse area of law, including real estate, commercial financing and civil law.

Today, Marie-Josée specializes herself in civil, family and succession law, where her rigour and attentiveness are put at the service of her clients, helping them organize their personal life. Whether it is in the drafting of marriage agreement, wills or protection mandates adapted to the needs of her clients, or in the implementation of non-contentious procedures and the settlement of simple or complex successions, she commits herself entirely in her work.

Furthermore, Marie-Josée is accredited by the Chambre des notaires du Québec to act as an identity verification agent as well as in non-contentious proceedings before a notary.


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514 392-9016


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Having initially acquired experience in residential real estate, Meriem Bouchibi joined Prévost notaires to redirect her practice to commercial real estate and to take part in the realization of major condominium projects.

Motivated, competent and always available, she knows how to offer an adapted and personalized service to each and every situation in order to meet the specific legal needs of a diversified clientele.

Her various work experiences have taught her to develop an organized and efficient work method that allows her to perform under pressure while keeping her contagious smile. Meriem’s curiosity and hard-working nature make her feel confident in the face of challenges, for she sees these situations as opportunities to deepen her knowledge.


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514 982-9794


Chambre des notaires du Québec



Newly admitted to the profession of notary, Ophely Karam joined the Prévost notaires team in 2020 to practise mainly in the fields of family law, successions and trusts. Ophely is passionate about human relations and her approachability allows her to easily build a relationship of trust with her clients. Her thirst for knowledge and motivation to surpass herself prompt her to always strive to offer an outstanding service. Ophely has considerable experience in legal research, more particularly with the Chambre des notaires du Québec. This enables her to find appropriate solutions to deal with the challenges she encounters in her practice. Conscious of the importance of access to justice, she volunteers with organizations that contribute to the advancement of this cause.


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514 982-9774


Chambre des notaires du Québec


our achievements

Tour des Canadiens

Gare Windsor

Marché Central

The Prévost notaires team has completed, collaborated on or participated in the development of many major projects, including:

reorganization and development of Montréal’s Marché Central;

residential development of the different phases of the Tour des Canadiens in Montréal;

acquisition and development of several sites for real estate developer MACH;

acquisition of several Quad Windsor sites for Cadillac Fairview, including Windsor Station and the Deloitte Tower;

acquisition of portfolios of residential buildings by CAPREIT Apartments;

land acquisition for development of the CSX Transportation intermodal terminal in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield;

acquisition of several sites for
Canadian Tire Real Estate;

acquisition of airport sites by RAL Canada;

acquisition of more than 40 sites for Location d’Outils Simplex;

acquisition and financing of several sites for real estate developer
Les Immeubles Alre;

financing of several hotel projects by Reliable Manufacturing & Supplies;

acquisition of the Hôpital de Sainte-Anne by the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de- l’Île-de- Montréal;

restructuring of various religious communities;

acquisition, financing and development of properties for Magnus Poirier and Cimetière de Laval;

acquisition and financing of several sites for real estate developer Plan A.

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